At Paul Tonna Son of Santu, we believe that you should expect value for money and the highest standard of care and service from the first moment that contact is made. It is therefore of paramount importance that we use our expertise, gained from generations of experience, to provide guidance, support, care and outstanding personal service to families at a difficult time.


When faced with a situation you may have not experienced previously, it can be a daunting task to ensure the deceased gets the send off they deserve. We are here to provide useful information on funeral arrangements and to support and guide you throughout hoping to make this difficult time as gentle as possible for you.


There is no set pattern which has to be followed. The arrangements can be tailored to suit the family arranging the funeral however, following are a few decisions that you will need to consider:-



‚ÄčPreparation of death certificate from hospitalBurial, Cremation or RepatriationCoffin, Casket and Urn SelectionMotor hearse selectionEmbalming of deceasedDressing the deceasedWhere the deceased should rest prior to the funeralWhere the funeral is to be heldWho is to conduct, and who is to speak at, the funeral serviceWhether to have floral tributes or donations to charityWhether an organist, singer or choir is desiredWho are the pallbearers going to beWho should be informed of the deathPreparation of burial site/graveNewspaper noticesPrinting of Mourning Cards (Santi)What costs are appropriate


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